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SubjectRe: [PATCH] {asm-i386,linux}/string.h:Adjustments for **NOT** using gcc builtins
Giacomo Amabile Catenazzi <> said:
> This patch (to linux-2.3.4) fixes:
> 1- Force the compiler not to use the builtin (in compiler) str* and mem*
> function, by rename it with preprocessor
> NOTE: I have modified more function that actually need.

Not needed, if the <linux/string.h> header is included whereever needed.
BTW, what is wrong with the builtins? I see claims that they generate
horrible code, but no substantiation... and even if so, I'd prefer to fix
the builtins than to kludge around them in the kernel...

> 2- __inline__ instead of inline (This is a header included in external
> program [indirectly!])

Should _never_ happen with glibc-2.1, and if it happens you have bigger
trouble than that.

> 3- use __kernel_size_t instead of size_t as in linux/string.h

Dr. Horst H. von Brand
Departamento de Informatica Fono: +56 32 654431
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria +56 32 654239
Casilla 110-V, Valparaiso, Chile Fax: +56 32 797513

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