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    SubjectRe: SGI's xfs going opensource

    > > As our press announcement said, XFS will be released in open source.
    > > That does not contradict/preclude its being structured as a loadable
    > > module. XFS is a pretty large file system (100k+ lines of code) and
    > > it wouldn't be reasonable for something that large to be statically
    > > linked with the kernel, as there are probably lots of applications
    > > and configurations that don't need its capabilities.
    > No. Our kernels are configurable, so you can select what components
    > you want to have in your kernel. It is something that predates
    > modules. [So yes, even if ext2 is normally compiled into kernel, I can
    > select in config that I want it out, or I can select that I want it as
    > module. Please retain same options for xfs.]
    > And you definitely _do_ want XFS compiled into kernel, because fs for
    > your / partition has to be compiled in. It would be very bad if I had
    > to have small ext2 partition there just for insmoding xfs, what do you
    > think?

    The correct solution would likely be a minix formatted initrd. A bit of a
    pain, but certainly doable.


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    David L. Parsley
    Network Specialist
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