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    SubjectRe: UUIDs (and devfs and major/minor numbers)
    Paul Jakma wrote:
    > > With devfsd, I have a very nice way of implementing persistence. I
    > can
    > > support the existing semantics, where a sysadmin goes in and manually
    > > changes things, and I already support a more powerful scheme where
    > > groups of device entries are "saved".
    > >
    > > Regards,
    > >
    > > Richard....
    > In other words, you can implement what traditional filesystems can do.
    > We know that. It also means devfs is superfluous. You might as well
    > have a devmgr process with no need for a devfs at all.
    > -hpa
    > oh come on....
    > a devmgr without kernel interaction would be a complicated, gross hack.
    > How would you handle dynamic devices with your devmgr? poll every second
    > for new devices? and what do you poll? Your devmgr has to get the
    > information about new/expired devices from somewhere - so the kernel has
    > to export this information somewhere. Why not in the most logical way:
    > directly to /dev?

    Trivially: it's the module installer's job. (Actually, dynamic devices
    are bad, this one of the major reasons why.)


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