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SubjectRe: RFC: from FIBMAP to FIONDEV

On Tue, 15 Jun 1999 15:58:58 +0200, Matthew Wilcox
<> said:

> RAID 2,3,4,5 return the data block on the first call and set the
> COPIES flag. Subsequent calls set the XOR flag to indicate that the
> other blocks should be XORed together to recover the original block.
> lilo is perfectly free to ignore this information, but maybe someday
> we'll have a good way to use this information.

Perhaps this is just unnecessary complexity. After all,

> With RAID 1, lilo can install multiple copies of LILO, one on each disc,
> each one told about the blocks which exist on its own disc.

... this looks like exactly the right way to do things. Very nice.
Short of booting the kernel off the network it looks like the most
robust way of doing things right. It is not hard to reserve a small
raid-1 partition for /boot even if the rest of your system is


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