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SubjectProblems with memory in 2.3.3 and 2.3.6 kernels

Hi all, i probed 2.3.3 kernel and it started nice and everything was
going fine, i was with kde, netscape, ncftp and kmail i think running all when
suddenly i got Out of memory messages and all my process but login died, those
prosses are quit a few but i got 128M of memory and i don't think the memory
would just ran out with just that besides i got 56M swap space, and before with
64M of memory i didn't had trouble and even ran xemacs besides netscape and kde
(of course it got slower).....

Later i upgrade to 2.3.6 and when it starts init and says freeing
unused kernel memory 36K bla bla .... it freezes and the last messages is:
error in loading shared libraries: /lib/ and says cannot
allocate memory.....and cannot reboot i got to hard-reset the machine.....

The configuration: 128M memory AMD K6-2 350Mhz egcs-1.1.2
compiled using -march=pentium optimisation option (no problems 'till now) and
kernel 2.3.6 compiled with the mtrr option for K6-2 memory usage

Any ideas why this ???

BTW: why were removed the -mxxxx options from the CONFIG_XXX[5-6]86
options.....really they are not necessary for better performance (not even
-m486 :))

Thanks !!!!!!!

Rodolfo Conde Martinez.
ICQ 14757500

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