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SubjectRe: scheduling latencies, [patch] `cp /dev/zero /tmp' (patch against 2.2.9)
> PII 400 + Mainboard Asus P2B BX Chipset, with a IBM Deskstar 16GB UDMA as
> /dev/hdc
> tu tune the disk I enabled all useful features:
> multicount , DMA , unmask IRQs , enable 32 bit support

Ok. It is a tightly tuned box. Thats what I wanted to be sure of.

> try my benchmark yourself:
> to note that heavy access to the /proc filesystem (using top -d 0.01 ) causes
> audio drop outs too, not so long as disk access, in the range of 15ms , but that
> seems a bit high for me.

The proc fs has some locking "issues". Im well aware of those.


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