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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] Re: [patch] `cp /dev/zero /tmp' (patch against 2.2.9)
> really loooong time.  Audio I/O can hold the kernel lock for a really
> long time too, BTW -- write can block indefinitely with a really
> huge buffer.

No. When you block the kernel lock is dropped.

> make the audio path bypass the lock. Since this is a part of making
> the kernel lock less pervasive, it might be worthwhile to do this,
> even if it's ugly.

One day in the future the audio layer has to run without the kernel lock.
However by then its likely to be ALSA. Getting the SMP locking right will
be fun, I dont think its worth repeating the effort for dead code (ie OSS),
nor will it help you anyway as your lock understanding isnt quite right

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