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    SubjectRe: Protol for Linux investigation
    Niclas Anderberg <> writes:
    > Hi!
    > [SNIP]
    > Transport protocols:
    > * Netware/IP

    NetWare encapsulates IPX in IP here, so linux can route packes.

    > * Pure IP (Netware)

    NetWare 5's Pure IP is just bog stadard IP packes with NCP commands in
    them, instead of doing so over IPX.

    > Configuration Protocols
    > * SNMP (Need atleast version 1.0 supported and does it have TRAP
    > support?)

    The CMU-SNMP packages gives this, and it does not need kernel support.

    > * Netware (I would need support for up to v5.0).

    There is support for NetWare style filesystems via the network, but I
    think this conforms NetWare 3.12, although I'd rather not be quoted on

    Alexander Hoogerhuis

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