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SubjectRe: bunzip2 -c linux-2.2.10.tar.bz2 | untar -xvp
In <> Myles Uyema ( wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, CaT wrote:
>> There is a patch ont he bzip2 homepage that lets tar use bzip2 when used
>> with the -y switch just like it would use gzip when used with -z.

> GNU tar 1.12 already uses the -I switch (capital i) for using bzip2
> compression. Long options are --bzip2 or --bunzip2.

GNU tar 1.12 DOES NOT uses neither -I switch nor --bzip2 / --bunzip2 ...
Hacks are not always bad but PLEASE do not claim anything about original
version when you are using hacked version. Do not send bugreports about Cox's
kernels to Linus and about non-working -I switch to FSF. Even if hacked version
comes on official Debian CD :-) Slackware uses -y for the same purpose ...

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