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SubjectRe: holes for ISA boards...
In article <>,
Stephen Early <> wrote:
>In article <7k6k9q$> you write:
>> In the simple case, setting mem=<foo> on the command-line should
>> circumvent any probing.
>No; probing still takes place, but the results are ignored when mem=
>is set. The problem with this motherboard was that calling int 0x15,
>eax=0xe820 made the BIOS print "Out of memory" and halt the machine,
>so specifying mem= doesn't help.

Well, the simple solution to that would be to #define
NO_FANCY_MEMORY and build a custom kernel. It's also dimly
possible that that one machine is running into a buglet in your
code (I certainly found some buglets in mine when I moved it over
to 2.2.9 from 2.0.28; though in my case it wasn't a subtle
interaction against one bios, but a infinite reboot machine on
every machine around :-() or it could be that the bios in question
is actually broken.

>If the e820 call code in setup.S is only enabled when we're compiling
>a 586+ kernel, we should be alright.

I can't say for your testsuite, but I own 486 machines that do
properly support e820, and which let me put in memory holes.

david parsons \bi/ and it's also possible it's some interaction with
\/ bzImages, which I have to use with 2.2.x :-(

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