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    SubjectRe: Bridging with 2.2.5
    On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Linux Kernel list wrote:

    > I had this problem too... you made the right steps but not all of them...
    > you should enable forwarding with ipchains:
    > echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
    > ipchains -P forward DENY
    > ipchains -A forward -s 0:65535 -d 0:65535 -j MASQ -p ICMP
    > ipchains -A forward -s 0:65535 -d 0:65535 -j MASQ -p ICMP
    > you may want also to forward TCP and UDP also... it would be highly
    > recommended but it depends on your intentions/setup....
    > I would also reccomend to change the IP addresses of the cards to some
    > other available class lile
    > and to upgrade your kernel to linux-2.2.10
    > In the same way you describe and I added to it what it is desbribed above
    > the bridgind works fine here at my workplace....

    Do you really have to mess around with IP forwarding/firewalling to
    use bridging? I thought that since bridging is level 2 and IP is
    level 3 so the IP code doesn't even see the packet that is being
    forwarded by the bridge..


    ..all in all it's just another rule in the firewall.

    /Ping Flood/

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