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SubjectRe: initrd redesign (was Re: Partition nightmare Was: Migrating to
Werner Almesberger wrote:
> H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> > That would be nice, but may complicate things unneccesarily. In the
> > general case, you may have to worry about garbage-collecting parts of
> > the filesystem that are now unreachable, and that would be majorly
> > painful.
> My assumption is that all file systems are reachable somehow, e.g. via
> some device file. Since you should know fairly well what mess your initrd
> may have left behind, the cleanup should actually be quite simple. Even
> a "general" cleanup mechanism doesn't look too difficult to me, provided
> that you have the access information somewhere (/proc/mount-devs ?).

That seems a little hacky to me...

> > I actually think that an nfsroot.gz initrd would do everything the
> > current kernel mechanism does.
> Yes, and it could even do more clever things than NFS root does right
> now. What I meant was that it's trivial to just make a kernel boot
> floppy, but constructing something with kernel, nfsroot, and boot loader
> is more complex. Naturally, with time, packages and scripts should show
> up to simplify this too.


> > exec() init works just fine. I have used it. I don't think there is
> > any need to put that in kernel space.
> Great, so we're already half there :)


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and that would not necessarily arouse suspicions."
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