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SubjectRe: pre-2.3.7-1 fails compile

I'd like to point out that the current pre-2.3.7 series is fairly
experimental. As amply demonstrated by the filename (the "dangerous" part
in the filename hopefully made some people go "Hmm..").

We're working on re-architecting (or rather, cleaning up so that it works
like it really was supposed to) the page cache writing, and as a result a
number of filesystems are probably going to be broken for a while unless
we get people jumping in to help.

Right now 2.3.7-1 (aka "dangerous") is not stable even with ext2, in that
swapping doesn't work. Ingo just sent me patches to fix that, and I'm
hoping to remove the "dangerous" part from 2.3.7-2, but even then a number
of filesystems will be broken.

We _may_ end up just re-introducing the "update_vm_cache()" code for
filesystems that really don't need the added performance, but it would
actually be preferable if people really wanted to make them perform well
with the new direct write-through cache code.


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