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    SubjectRe: Kernel Crash on Shutdown
    > This is the dump I get on the screen when the kernel crashes:
    > 80650058 803afef2 0000800d 00060000 00487f76 c241bfbc c01076b3 00000010
    > c241bfbv fee1dead c01e0018 00000018 00000000 bffffef2 fee1dead 00000282
    > Call Trace: [<c0107665>] [<c01077a8>] [<c010850d>] [<c00113f93>]

    Is it still in a state you can scroll back to see the first EIP: value in
    the report above ?

    Can you also try a kernel that matches your existing one but has APM disabled
    and see if that also dies on shutdown


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