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SubjectRe: holes for ISA boards...
On Sat, Jun 12, 1999 at 03:51:50PM +0100, Riley Williams wrote:

% Q>

% I've just had a look at porting it, and I note the following:
% 1. The patch to mm/vmalloc.c patches the function vremap which
% appears not to exist in 2.2.9 ???

It was renamed to ioremap and moved to arch/<arch>/mm/ioremap.c .

But this part of the patch looks bad to me anyway; it stops anyone from
mapping part of the hole to VM, but presumably anything that does this
knows what it's doing (probably a driver mapping memory straight from an
ISA card). Or am I missing something?

% 2. The patch to the configuration help file doesn't apply very
% well, as it quotes configuration options that no longer exist.
% I'll see what I can do with it though...

Doesn't look worth saving, as Stephen Early's patch looks more flexible
(not to mention supporting far more machines).


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