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SubjectKernel Crash on Shutdown
<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
Sorry for responding after such a long time. I&nbsp;had to take my motherboard
back because there was an error with the RTC. Now I've got a replacement
motherboard, and the kernel still crashes on "halt." When I&nbsp;first
wrote the problem to this Mailing list, Alan Cox said it could be a bios
problem. I have a new bios now (because I&nbsp;got a replacment m/b), but
the kernel still crashes on shutdown. I've tried exchanging the CPU (to
the same one) from my friend's system which shuts down properley, but this
didn't solve anything. If it helps, here are the devices on my system:
<br>Epox MVP3GM M/B (with VT82C598MVP chipset)
<br>64MB SDRAM (PC66)
<br>ET6000 2.25MB Video Card
<br>Flyvideo-II TV&nbsp;tuner
<br>SB64PCI Sound Card
<br>DTC3181 SCSI (for Acer Scanner)
<br>Xstreama 33.6 Internel Modem
<p>This is the dump I&nbsp;get on the screen when the kernel crashes:<tt></tt>
<p><tt>80650058 803afef2 0000800d 00060000 00487f76 c241bfbc c01076b3 00000010</tt>
<br><tt>&nbsp;c241bfbv fee1dead c01e0018 00000018 00000000 bffffef2 fee1dead
<p><tt>Call Trace: [&lt;c0107665>] [&lt;c01077a8>] [&lt;c010850d>] [&lt;c00113f93>]
<br><tt>&nbsp;[&lt;c01108c2>] [c010f80d>] [&lt;c010fa28>] [&lt;c01100ef>]
[&lt;c012efcb>] [&lt;c0124e5b>] [&lt;c0124e7e>]</tt>
<br><tt>&nbsp;[&lt;c0110deb>] [&lt;cd09afc>]</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>Code: &lt;1>Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address
<br><tt>Current -> tss.cr3 = 039bc000, %cr3 =&nbsp; 039bc000</tt>
<br><tt>*pde = 00000000</tt>
<br><tt>Oops: 0000</tt>
<br><tt>CPU:&nbsp; 0</tt>
<br><tt>EIP: 0010:[&lt;c0109f5d>]</tt>
<br><tt>EFLAGS: 00010046</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>eax: 00000000 ebx: 00000000 ecx: 00008826 edx: 00000001</tt>
<br><tt>esi: 0000002b edi: c241c000 ebp: c4800000 esp: c241bc64</tt>
<br><tt>ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>Process halt (Pid: 1049, process nr: 9, stackpage=c241b000)</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>Stack: fee1dead 67890000 c01e5d62 bfff8076 fee1dead 67890000 00005301
<br><tt>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 00000000 00000000 00008826
00010046 04000000 c5000000 c0109fc0 c241bdd8</tt>
<br><tt>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; c01a2578 c01a246d 0000f000
c241bdd8 c010a4c4 c01a264d c241bdd8 0000f000</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>Call Trace: [&lt;c5000000>] [&lt;c019fc0>] [&lt;c01a2578>] [&lt;c01a264d>]
[&lt;c010a4c4>] [&lt;c01a264d>] [&lt;c0109c01>]</tt>
<br><tt>&nbsp;[&lt;c0170058>] [&lt;c01076b5>] [&lt;c01077a8>] [&lt;c01077cb>]
[&lt;c01077e9>] [&lt;c01085od>] [&lt;c0113f93>] [&lt;c01a3f8a>]</tt>
<br><tt>&nbsp;[&lt;c01108c2>] [&lt;c010f80d>] [&lt;c010fa28>] [&lt;c01100ef>]
[&lt;c012efcb>] [&lt;c0123dd6>] [&lt;c0124e5b>] [&lt;c0124e7e>]</tt>
<br><tt>&nbsp;[&lt;c0110deb>] [&lt;c0109afc>]</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>Code: 8a 04 0b 89 44 24 38 50 68 70 25 1a c0 e8 f5 97 00 00 83 c4</tt>
<p>Thank you, and I&nbsp;hope this helps you to debug the problem (if it's
the kernel).</html>
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