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SubjectRe: Weird Syslog Messages
Date (Gavin M. Roy) writes:
> Jun 9 10:21:12 Nikki kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
> Jun 9 10:21:12 Nikki kernel: 08:11: rw=0, want=1293957990,
> limit=4281291
> Anyone know which device is having the problem, and what this is
> indicitive of? I'm running 2.0.35 on a PII-333. Any other specs you
> need/want?

The device major:minor is displayed in hex, so this is "8,17", which
is sdb1.

The worrying part is that the "want" number is actually 4 ascii characters:

perl -e 'print pack("L",1293957990),"\n"'
f; M

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