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    SubjectRe: cachefs module for linux?

    > > > cachefs comes in really handy, too, setting up "diskless" machines with
    > > > nothing but NFS cache and swap space.
    > > Just allow NFS to use the standard Linux cache more efficiently via a
    > > mount parameter and all should be well. cachefs is the wrong solution.
    > Please define "standard Linux cache."
    > cachefs is used in situations where the cacheable data set size is
    > too large for the buffer cache.
    > As for using a mount parameter, that would be an NFS-specific solution.
    > What about caching large smbfs filesystems, for instance? Or coda, or some
    > other network fs?

    You said it. Coda does on-disk caching, natively. It can not work
    without it. So

    * it does not make sense to put cachefs over coda


    * coda would do the caching job for you pretty well from the begining

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