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SubjectRe: Profanity in the Linux Kernel?!?!?
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On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, David Chappell wrote:
> On Wed, 09 Jun 1999, Kelley Spoon wrote:
> > Someone else brought up the point about censoring work other people
> > contributed, and I agree with that. I have absolutely no problem
> > with a developer calling a spade a spade.
> It should be pointed out that they aren't calling spades spades. No
> copulating, voiding of excrement, or condemnation to an afterlife of
> torture actually occur in the Linux kernel. ;)

ROFL!!! I couldn't help but LMAO when I read that... That's very funny...

> Also, many of these words (such as hell and damn) are expletives,
> meaning that they do not contribute anything to the sense of the
> sentence, except perhaps to express the author's annoyance.

Exactly. That has become the purpose of those words -- in fact, that's
the only times that I've really heard/seen them were in times of

> I would suggest that looking for obcenities in kernel messages would
> be a good way to find poorly written messages which should be made
> more explicit and helpful.

Hm. Which would you rather have in YOUR kernel?

"Fatal Exception 0E at address 349f930d:020a34ff"


"Something fucked up. This shouldn't happen."
"oops 00"

Personally, I'd rather see something say "Something fucked up" and maybe a
description of it, in HUMAN READABLE terms (e.g., readable by
non-programmers and CS majors) as opposed to "fatal exception 0E..." which
really tells a user NOTHING about what just happened.

> The reason this kind of language is still seen as unprofessional in at
> least some quarters is that it is more common amoung the illiterate
> and because it introduces topics with distictly unpleasant aspects
> into a context in which they are entirely irrelevant.

Well, they may be unprofessional, however, they are very concise, and well
understood among all of us humans, no?

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