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SubjectRe: [OT] Teaching how to install Linux to ... Linus :-)
On Thu, Jun 10, 1999 at 03:23:29PM +0200, Hubert Tonneau wrote:
> I red somewhere that Linus had problems with installing Linux
> on a laptop due to the need of PCMCIA which is not part of
> the kernel.


The idea about an installation image generator is not so bad, BUT
not always possible. It would at least be nice if I can have a
CD-ROM and install Linux from there. Not everyone has that kind of
access to the internet, that he can install from the internet nor
does everyone has another computer to create the image.
Always there's a need of some other company/person (i.e. computer)
to (re-)install. If you've got a desktop AND a portable, than of
course it would be possible. But there is an increasing number of
people who have only a laptop.

And even Linux sometimes needs to be reinstalled (new disk, old
disk crashed due to some orange juice...;)

I think this method of installing is nice for a company, but not
for the large public. And BTW isn't it strange that you think to
have to instruct Linus on installing Linux?
There IS a problem: see below.

And something you missed:
> How is PCMCIA troubles solved ?
> Simply using a DLink DE-620 CT (Ethernet adapter connected to the
> parallel prot) in order to achieve the NFS root capability at
> install time.
Some computers DO NOT have got parallel ports! (Just an USB connector
to connect to other things. And as long as we cannot use an USB
Ethernet adapter..... [if they exist, I dunno])
And Linus' computer is one of those...

But nevertheless, your script sounds interesting, and there can be
a good future for it.

Jos van de Ven

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