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SubjectMultitech ISI4608 Card
I have been trying to get a ISA Multitech ISI4608 Card to work under
Linux. I can get it to work under 2.0.36 (RH5.2) with the driver available
from, however I cannot get it to work with the driver
for isicom cards in 2.2.9.

What happens is, the driver loads, and the firmware loads OK. I open up
minicom, tell it to use the appropriate device. It initializes the modem,
the modem responds to this, but minicom never prints out anything (it
normally prints the AT command and the response). I can dial out, the
modem connects, but minicom never acknowledges this. It is like the data
is only travelling in one direction.

I have played around with isicom.c a little bit, it seems like the problem
is that the interrupt routine is never called. I don't know if this is
something caused by the card not being initialized properly or if it is
caused by the routine not being registered properly. I am not an
experienced kernel hacker so I don't know if there has been a change that
has caused this or not.

I have tried both the firmware available from Multitech and the firmware
RPM mentioned at the top of isicom.c in 2.2.x. Neither work any better or
worse than the other. If someone knows any more about this, I'd be
grateful for your help. Thanks.


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