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SubjectRe: performance & you-know-who
On Sun, 9 May 1999, Craig I. Hagan wrote:

> > (we can kill atime, mke2fs with fancy options or use reiserfs, add the
> > Beowulf hack for multiple Ethernet cards, hack the scheduler, etc.)
> changing web serving software, run reverse squid proxies and similar
> should also be on the table for consideration.
> -- craig

I did some bechmarks between a straight Debian slink machine
(glibc-2.0) running 2.2.5 and a glibc-2.1 machine running
2.2.7+NVSv3+Channel Bonding and the vanilla Debian machine provided 10x
better performance according to specweb.

This is with both the document root and the logfiles on NFS mounts from a
NetApp box and running Zeus web server.

There seemed to be some network bottleneck with the juiced up machine, CPU
load was <1 and the performance is best described as "bursty".

I have a test machine available that will be running when I can get power
to it that should allow me to find out exactly what the problem was.

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