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    SubjectRe: performance & you-know-who
    On Sat, 8 May 1999, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:

    >(we can kill atime, mke2fs with fancy options or use reiserfs, add the
    >Beowulf hack for multiple Ethernet cards, hack the scheduler, etc.)

    This mean that they must my tree to do the benchmark:

    Killing atime and all other issues are really _minor_ issues compared to
    my redesign of the flushtime handling, of the dirty buffer garbage
    collection and on my new shrink_mmap design.

    If the benchmark imply VM and I/O load, my tree will give a big boost (as
    _worse_ a 10% improvement) and it's rock solid (I doesn't work by luck).

    I also have a patch against pre-2.2.8-4 but I want to finish fixing the
    new scheduler in the pre-patches before releasing it (I plan to finish

    How can I get in touch with people how is doing the benchmark?

    Andrea Arcangeli

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