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SubjectRe: [OT] util-linux-2.9p
On Sat, 8 May 1999 wrote:

>But of course one can expect better behaviour from Andrea.

I am getting bored by these complains.

One of the basic property of GPL licence is to allow everybody to fork a
GPL'd tree. So forking a GPL tree (as far as you won't break GPL because
you left the copyright holder of the author, you won't link with no-GPL
source as in the past KDE issue, etc..etc..) is _not_ a bad thing. If you
don't like my behaviour is better that you start using a different licence
for your code instead of complain. Since it was faster for me to take over
instead of searching and then contacting the author (and as just said I
was thinking that tunelp wasn't maintained anymore) I taken this faster

Before taking this way I spent 10 minutes searching on the network the
official tunelp sources. The manpage doesn't mention Michael as the
mantainer and I couldn't find the official ftp site for the sources (try
with a man tunelp and you'll see how many info you get). And since I pay
for the phone while I am connected to internet I stopped searching and I
taken the _far_ faster and simpler unpolite path (and once the unpolite
path is been started the only objective become the real work). I would
redo the same now if I would be in the same context.

If the next time I'll be in a similar condition, you'll pay for the more
time I should spend to take the polite path (for the phone to connect via
modem etc..etc..) with _your_ money (instead of with the money of my
parents), then, _only_ in such case, I'll be polite. Otherwise no-way and
_stop_ complaining.

Now according to me the right thing to do is to merge my work on the
official tree and then to delete my tunelp from my ftp area. But I am not
going to send patches in my spare time because I just want to do other
things in my spare time.

I would like if you would merge my tree in the official tunelp yourself,
otherwise ignore me.

Andrea Arcangeli

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