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    SubjectRe: mmap from 0xFFFF0000 -> 0xFFFFFFFF does not work, why?!
    On Fri, 7 May 1999, Matti Aarnio wrote:

    > Bossek Raphael <> asked:
    > > i'm working at a bios flash utility for some pc manufacture and have
    > > trouble in using the mmap function :(
    > Loading the timing critical FLASH-writer code into the kernel
    > as a module. Doing it as a character device would likely be
    > the best way.
    > "root" isn't powerfull enough, those must be executed
    > in the supervisor mode -- within the kernel, that is.
    > Another reason to go via device driver kernel module.


    You might already know this, but if not it could be useful. Stepan
    Reinauer has been maintaining and updating his /dev/bios module (the
    interface is a character device file) which can read and write the flash
    BIOS in most PC's and Alpha's, and even PCI cards (like video and SCSI
    adapters). I've used it quite successfully. :-)

    BTW if the latest version available on the website Oops's in 2.2.6, let me
    know and I'll send you a diff that fixes it. Stepan already fixed the
    problem internally but may not have had time to update the web page.

    B. James Phillippe .
    Software Engineer, WGT Inc. .

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