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    SubjectRe: sym/ncr53c8xx phase error still present in 2.2.7
    Since I only have the problem with FAT/SMBFS  maybe the following which was posted
    today is relevant, I will check it out.

    > The only change since v16:
    > Fix for Microsoft idiocy wrt so-called FAT32. Actually it's FAT28.
    > In other words, upper 4 bits of FAT entry are "reserved and undefined".
    > I.e. contain random garbage. Fix: in fat_access() &=0xfffffff before any
    > further tests.
    > If you've seen random "attempt to access beyond end of device" on
    > FAT filesystems that were OK from the Windows POV - see if this patch will
    > fix the situation.
    > Patch lives on
    > Cheers,
    > Al
    > --

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