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    SubjectRe: Ken Thompson interview in IEEE Computer magazine (fwd)
    On Tue, May 04, 1999 at 04:50:10PM -0700, Ted Rolle wrote:
    > FWIW -- I've heard much the same thing from one of the developers of
    > FreeBSD. Instead of killing the messenger, why don't we just accept the
    > criticism as valid (and true) and fix it?

    Because the critisism is not specific. It he had said: SCSI implementation
    in Linux sucks (it does), OK we would accept it and try to fix it.

    Just saying it has a way to go may be true but doesn't help anyone.

    I appreciate accepting critisism, but:
    Just saying, hey let's work on it does not help anybody. Working on WHAT?
    Linux has 11 MB gzipped source code!

    Saying it's unreliable (and even more unreliable than W*n) is something very
    strange, which has to be explained, before i can accept it. Compared to a HA
    Unix cluster, Linux might be unreliable, yes, but ...

    I'd suggest sb to contact him and asking him
    * where he sees the weak points in Linux
    * what makes him think it's unreliable

    THEN we could start to work on improving Linux wrt to his critisism.

    > This attitude of "he-doesn't-know-what-he's-talking-about" is appalling
    > and will never produce a quality Linux. Especially considering its
    > proponents and the target of the criticism.
    > Let's get a clue, smell the coffee, and go to work!

    He certainly know what he's talking about. But the statement on Linux in
    this interview was not his main point but rather a side note and not made
    with too much care. (I don't say without reasons or without knowledge,
    please note that.)

    Let's ask him for specific problems ...

    Kurt Garloff <> SuSE GmbH, Nürnberg, FRG
    Linux kernel development; SCSI driver: DC390 (tmscsim/AM53C974)
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