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    SubjectRe: ext2 warning in Linux 2.2.7

    On Wed, 5 May 1999, Steve Dodd wrote:

    > NTFS has a 48bit 'inode number' (the FILE record number) which lasts until a
    > file is deleted (where deleted = 0 hard links); it can then be reused, but
    > there is also a 16bit 'generation number' (the sequence number in the FILE
    > record) which is incremented when the inode is reused. So it should be easy to
    > do something there.

    Aha. Steve, I didn't really look into NTFS driver's guts (mostly since
    it's R/O and thus all, erm, fun with rename()/unlink()/rmdir() went
    without touching it). IIRC it's an FFS-derivative with B-trees used
    wherever possible. What are you using for inumbers?

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