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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Minor cleanup/fix in quota_on().

On Tue, 4 May 1999, Jan Kara wrote:

> > quota_on() contains almost verbatim copy of filp_open(), except
> > that it returns EMFILE instead of ENFILE (wrong, since EMFILE is about
> > per-process limit and it's not the case here) and calls open_namei() with
> > slightly wrong arguments (as the result read permissions are not checked).
> > I replaced the cruft with call of filp_open(). Could you apply the
> > following patch?
> Ooops. Your patch seems to collide with mine fixes in quotas (I also did some
> cleanup in quota_on, added locks for serializing quota_on, quota_off...). I'll
> probably merge your cleanup with mine and submit it...

I've looked at your patch now. Seems to be trivially mergeable with mine -
new version of quota_on in the combined variant would looks so:

int quota_on(kdev_t dev, short type, char *path)
struct file *f;
struct vfsmount *vfsmnt;
struct inode *inode;
struct dquot *dquot;
struct quota_mount_options *mnt_dquot;
char *tmp;
int error;
vfsmnt = lookup_vfsmnt(dev);
if (vfsmnt == (struct vfsmount *)NULL)
return -ENODEV;
if (is_enabled(vfsmnt, type))
return -EBUSY;
mnt_dquot = &vfsmnt->mnt_dquot;
tmp = getname(path);
error = PTR_ERR(tmp);
if (IS_ERR(tmp))
goto out_lock;
f = filp_open(tmp, O_RDWR, 0600);

error = PTR_ERR(f);
if (IS_ERR(f))
goto out_lock;
error = -EIO;
if (!f->f_op->read && !f->f_op->write)
goto out_f;
inode = f->f_dentry->d_inode;
error = -EACCES;
if (!S_ISREG(inode->i_mode))
goto out_f;
error = -EINVAL;
if (inode->i_size == 0 || (inode->i_size % sizeof(struct dqblk)) != 0)
goto out_f;
set_enable_flags(vfsmnt, type);
mnt_dquot.files[type] = f;

dquot = dqget(dev, 0, type);
mnt_dquot.inode_expire[type] = (dquot != NODQUOT) ? dquot->dq_itime : MAX_IQ_TIME;
mnt_dquot.block_expire[type] = (dquot != NODQUOT) ? dquot->dq_btime : MAX_DQ_TIME;

mnt_sb->dq_op = &dquot_operations;
add_dquot_ref(dev, type);

return 0;

filp_close(f, NULL);

return error;

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