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SubjectNFS - rpcauth_gc_credcache looping

I've been having problems getting NFS to cooperate on the 2.2.x kernels.
Initially, we had an NFS mount that was locking up (and dumping a stack
trace to syslog) when we did a syscall "rename" to a file in an NFS
mounted directory. This behavior disappeared when we installed 2.2.6-ac2
(continued happening with 2.2.7, so we stayed with the 6-ac2). Now, I'm
seeing every minute several messages in syslog that say the following:

smtp kernel: RPC: rpcauth_gc_credcache looping!

The errors seem to be harmless, or at least nothing is obviously broken,
but it's dumping 6 of these messages in syslog every minute. Does anyone
know why these would be produced? I found the text of the message in
net/sunrpc/auth.c but I don't know C well enough to decipher it's

Never had the errors until I installed the 2.2.6-ac2 patch. Nothing else
has changed on the system since the kernel upgrade. The system is
running slackware-current, and is a PII dual-450. Any advice is
appreciated, Please respond directly as I'm not on the distribution
list. thanks,

Ben Blakely
Systems Admin
WebServe, Inc.

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