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    SubjectRe: Ken Thompson interview in IEEE Computer magazine (fwd)
    On Tue, 4 May 1999, Mark Lord wrote:
    > Subject: Re: Ken Thompson interview in IEEE Computer magazine (fwd)
    > Wojtek Pilorz wrote:
    > ...
    > > So my understanding is that his opinions are based on reading Linux source
    > > code, rather than looking at any badly configured Linux system.
    > ...
    > And from that a comparism is drawn against WinNT,
    Well, I thought this comparision was too insulting for anyone
    working with linux and looking at the problems other poor souls
    have with NT, so I preferred not to mention NT;
    I just wanted to share my view that Ken Thompson is just a man
    with vast experience and knowledge, so we would benefit more from
    listening to him (however unpleasant it could be) than from bashing
    at him.

    > for which he has not been able to read any source code.. ?!?!?!
    Or he might have been able to read it, working for a large company;
    Or he might compare with AT&T Unix, or Plan9, or something other ...

    I do not know...

    Best regards,


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