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SubjectRe: serial callout devices
Theodore Y. Ts'o writes the following:
>The kernel has started warning people that the cua devices are obsolete
>as of the 2.2 kernel. Unfortunately not all of the distributions (and
>have been appropriately chastised on another list for not knowing that
>Debian *has* phased out use of the cua devices) have made the cua
>devices go away in their latest 2.2-kernel based distributions. This is
>unfortunate, since a large number of users may still expect that they be
>there. So whether you feel the need to support it is up to you, and
>depends on who your user/customer base is.

Last I heard, the ttyS* devices had to be opened O_NONBLOCK for callout. This
is impossible to do from a shell script (e.g. ppp-on). So the cua* devices
are still useful to people who don't want to rewrite their dialup scripts.

(And yes, I use a /dev/modem symlink too. Change one symlink instead of
reconfiguring $BIGNUM different programs)

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