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SubjectRe: Local loopback mounts (RFD)
Alexander Viro wrote:
: > I think the Linux dentry mechanism can allow us to have
: > loopback mounts faster and more effective than NFS mount from Note
: Yes, but the way you have proposed is broken.
: > The loopfs_read_super() just creates the root dentry and points
: > its dentry->d_inode to the inode of the target directory. This has the
: > advantage that both /some/directory and /another/directory works with
: > same inodes, so file locks works properly, open(O_EXCL) works properly, etc.
: ... and one can trivially create loops in on-disk structure that way
: (think of nasty games with rename()). We do need a way to compute the
: foo-is-ancestor-of-bar relation.
Well, if I do it using mount(2) and a new FS type, only root can do
it. And root is able to break the system anyway.


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