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SubjectRe: Problems with 2.2.9, EEpro100 and IPv6 (was: Re: 2.2.0-pre9 and still "misbehaviour" with EEpro/100)
In muc.lists.linux-kernel, you wrote:
>On Thu, May 27, 1999 at 10:49:46PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
>> > Recap: Asus P2B-LS board, onboard EEpro100 (i82555) chip, standard 2.2.9
>> > eepro100 driver. Card connected to a dumb 10 mbit only ethernet hub.
>> I talked to Don about this at the Expo. Don's theory is that its the SMbus
>> management stuff (the onboard eepro and firmwar eof their own accord
>> support stuff like 'machine tampered with' and 'reboot' packets). Intel
>> apparently havent provided enough documentation to handle this right now.
>> Try turning off BIOS APM and stuff see if that helps.
>Didn't. Wake-on-LAN was already off, and I now switched off power
>management completely. Boot machine, "insmod ipv6", IRQ counters
>racing, network LED solid on.
>> > So there's definitely something fishy going on with the combination of
>> > eepro100 and IPv6. Bad, since I really want to start deploying IPv6
>> > in our local test bed here (as soon as RIPE hands out some v6 addresses).
>> Ok. The Ipv6 may be cause or a symptom Im not sure which.
>It definitely triggers it. Maybe something goes haywire when no IPv6
>routers can be found? Or with the IPv6 multicast stuff?

IPv6 tries to change multicast lists from interupt context (=call
dev->set_multicast_list in the net_bh). Maybe your card does not like that.
There were some problems with that in the past. Also the EEPro100 seems to
have pretty bizarre multicast list handling.

Hmm, for tests you could hack the driver's set_multicast_list function
to use promiscuous mode like the really dumb drivers do


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