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SubjectWho owns the x86emu project?
Hi All,

I am trying to figure out who the author and/or current maintainer of
the x86emu project is. The current DEC Alpah Milo sources (which
don't appear to have been updated to 2.2 yet) include the x86emu
library, which is used to run the BIOS on the ISA/PCI graphics
controller to initialise it when the system boots. The emulator works
on some cards, but it lacking lots of support code for 32-bit
instructions in 16-bit code (ie: mov eax,ebx etc with the operand
size prefix).

Anyway, I have had some great success so far on some graphics cards
with this emulator, and I want to flesh it out and make it work on
all graphics cards. When I am done, we will be able to use this
emulator to bring up graphics cards on any system with an ISA/PCI/AGP
bus, as well as use it to bring up secondary controllers on x86
systems that are not POST'ed by the BIOS. It could also be used by
the Linux kernel on any processor to allow the VESA fbcon driver to
safely make calls to the BIOS at runtime to do things such as change
display modes and program the color palette.

However before I dive head first into this, I would like to find out
where the absolute latest version of the sources are so I don't end
up doing duplicate work. Also if there is a different, but more
complete x86 emulator library around, perhaps I should work with that


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