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    SubjectRe: Soundcard over Network

    > From: (Jim Gettys)
    > Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 08:18:49 -0700
    > To: (Dale E. Martin)
    > Cc: Raphael Becker <>,
    > Linux-Kernel Mailinglist <>
    > Subject: Re: Soundcard over Network
    > -----
    > AudioFile was renamed AF due to trademark problems. And gnome now
    > has an audiofile library, so lets use AF's normal name.
    > In any case, AF should be easy to port to Linux. It can use a /dev/audio
    > interface, though this is not ideal.
    > In my (informed) opinion, both NAS and AF have problems that need to
    > be worked on (though they are good starts).
    > I'd personally start with AF, but then again, I'm biased (as one of AF's
    > authors). The fundamental features of AF that are very good are:
    > 1) very low latency is possible; if an output device hasn't played
    > the sample yet, you can still change it. This is vital for both
    > gaming and teleconferencing; it is hard to retrofit into NAS,
    > which is why I'd start with AF.
    > 2) explict control over time (you can mix samples at a sample
    > resolution).
    > The not so good parts of AF are:
    > 1) no way to store sound snippets at the server (pretty trivial to
    > add)
    > 2) single mix buffer, which complicates unplaying sounds and makes
    > applications that may need to do so more complicated (this is an
    > artifact of the era in which AF was written, where memory was
    > much more expensive. This would be a moderate amout of work to
    > redo the server for; my guess is, if I had a month free, which I
    > don't,
    > I could redo the server to present multiple output rings.
    > 3) basic telephony support.
    > In any case, if people want to pick up AF and run with it, I'd be happy
    > to provide some pointers.
    > - Jim Gettys
    Oops, I goofed: I meant to say: AF has basic telephony support;
    it got listed under not-so good parts, when I meant to list it as a feature
    of AF.

    - Jim

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