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    SubjectRe: TTY_FLIPBUF_SIZE too low causing dataloss on too fast serial lines?
    > One question though is how is your irda driver grabbing the characters?
    > Is it grabbing them all at interrupt time, or is it polling like many of
    > the high-speed intelligent serial boards? If it's polling, you *don't*
    > to use the flip buffers; instead, just throw it onto a local buffer and
    > just call the line discpline directly. (See the Rocketport driver for
    > an example of this). Remember, you don't *have* to use the flip buffer
    > abstraction; it's a service which the tty layer provides to reduce the
    > amount of time spent in the interrupt driver, but you can bypass it if
    > you wish.

    Question: Since tty_flip_buffer_push just shoves the request onto tq_timer,
    is it valid to use a private tty_flip_buffer_push that checks if the buffer
    is looking close to full and pushes it onto tq_immed then marks that queue
    to be run on the irq return (remembering we have no fast irq paths in 2.2
    any more)

    In fact, couldnt tty_flip_buffer_push do this ?


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