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    SubjectRe: TTY_FLIPBUF_SIZE too low causing dataloss on too fast serial lines?
       Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 14:14:05 +0200
    From: Pavel Machek <>

    All at interrupt time. I wonder how do you solve this problem with
    serial ports: these days serials can be easily driven at speeds close
    to 1Mbit... (I'm talking about dumb on-board serials like NS PC87108).

    I simply haven't see much demand or practical application for high-speed
    serial transfers. It's restricted to short distance unless you use
    *very* expensive cables, and you can get better performance more cheaply
    simply by using Ethernet instead. 10 Megabit ethernet cards are dirt
    cheap, and Cat 5 UTP cables are much, much cheaper than high-quality
    serial cables, and you can run them for a much greater distance without
    worrying about noise or signal degredation problems.

    The only reason why high-speed serial might be interesting is for those
    IR ports that look like serial ports, and there aren't that many
    interesting applications requiring that yet. I do intend to fix this; I
    just haven't seen a huge urgency to it. If someone has an actual,
    real-life application, let me know....

    - Ted

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