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SubjectRe: Long `rm` times.
I've found that "rm" times are much faster if the disk is configured
for write caching. Some disks are shipped with this enabled while
others aren't, depending on manufacturer and model. Scsiinfo/scsi-config
should be able to control this*.

I've no idea how to configure IDE disks, but I assume that they have
a similar option (and similar differences in default setting).

1) Write caching makes filesystem corruption more likely in cases of
power, hardware, or software failure;
2) Some disks have flaky write caching, and may scramble things good
(I've never seen this on any recent disk, but it has happened...);
3) You probably shouldn't attempt this unless you know what you are

Normal write performance doesn't seem to be affected nearly as much
by this setting as unlink() is.


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