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    SubjectRe: 2.2.9 probs (ide hd, quota, 128MB (+sort))

    This is an ATA-66 problem on an ATA-33 chipset.
    Major BIOS wierdness, and no code to correct.
    I put an UDMA-4 drive on several UDMA-2 limited chipsets and things got
    really problematic.

    On Sun, 23 May 1999, Guest section DW wrote:

    > From: Sami Farin <>
    > Hi. I have Abit BX6 rev.2.0 ver.HJ, Mendocino 83.333*5.5 MHz,
    > egcs-1.1.2, binutils-, RH50+updates (a lot)...
    > problem #1: my IBM DTTA 351350 IDE-disk isn't detected in a sane way.
    > Yes, this hdparm and kernel output looks very messy.
    > One problem that I have pointed out earlier is that both kernel
    > and hdparm-3.5 contain the very ugly expression
    > *(int *)&id->cur_capacity0
    > which is wrong on various architectures because of endianness
    > assumptions, and also because cur_capacity0 is not aligned on
    > an integer boundary.
    > These are bugs in hdparm-3.5 and the 2.2.9 kernel,
    > easily solved because the fragments of code that contain this expression
    > are completely bogus (look at the remapping 2557/255/63 -> 13572/1020/63
    > that hdparm invents!) and should just be deleted.
    > But your problem is probably caused by something else.
    > Hmm, the model number suggests a 13.5 GB disk.
    > RawCHS=40768/16/63 and CurCHS=2557/255/63 belong to a 21 GB disk.
    > CurSects=872152947, and LBA CHS=13572/1020/63 Remapping, LBAsects=833818160
    > belong to a 400+ GB disk.
    > Model={sM-wwws=37s3u2p, FwRev=T5Gosw3q, SerialNo=WWrww3q663w
    > kernel: hdd: [rM-wwwq=37s353p, ATA DISK drive
    > kernel: hdd: {sM-wwwq=37s3u3p, ATA DISK drive
    > kernel: hdd: _~M-t~TA-35135v>, ATA DISK drive
    > kernel: hdd: _~M-t~TA-35135v>, ATA DISK drive
    > The Model and type seem damaged - it should probably be something
    > like
    > Model=IBM-DTTA-351350, FwRev=T??IA??A, SerialNo=WW?WW??????
    > with kernel report
    > hdd: IBM-DTTA-351350, 12897MB w/464kB Cache, CHS=26205/16/63
    > So, this could be a disk hardware problem (does this disk report its identity
    > correctly under other kernels?) or an IDE driver problem, or random kernel
    > memory corruption via a wild pointer or so, or just plain bad memory.
    > You can try to distinguish such cases (i) by booting an old and good kernel,
    > (ii) by use of hdparm -I instead of hdparm -i ,
    > (iii) by using the same disk on another machine.

    Andre Hedrick
    The Linux IDE guy

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