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SubjectRe: Mouse and keyboard drivers in the Linux Kernel?
Vojtech Pavlik <> wrote:

> > The MGL's event mechanism requires a keyboard driver that
> > allows us to get KEYUP, KEYDOWN and KEYREPEAT events along with a 1ms
> > time stamp for all key events. We also need to know the real scan
> > code of the keypress, along with the correct ASCII translation for
> > the key.
> There is such a driver. I'm writing it. It allows all you've
> mentioned, and more. Unfortunately, it's still a work in progress,
> though it works well for most AT, PS/2 and USB mice and keyboards
> now. No serial or bus mouse support at this moment, but that's just
> a question of adding a couple modules.

Sounds good.

> There is no docs yet, that'll come soon. Just a kernel patch:
> The patch currently includes not only the generic input code, but
> also patches to the virtual console code to allow multihead, and
> clean up and modularization patches to the USB code.

Cool, I will try it out. How long before this thing becomes stable
and potentially becomes a standard part of the Linux kernel? Or is
there resistance to including this code in the kernel?

I would like to add support for using this interface in our
libraries, so that if the patch is in the kernel we will use it,
otherwise we will fall back on the existing ghastly hacks that we
already have in the MGL.


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