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    SubjectRe: andrea buffer code (2.2.9-C.gz)
    Andrea wrote:
    > >number of spinlocks and choose which to use with some reductive function?
    > I think that if you want to SMP scale better it worth to
    > pay _only_ with memory wastage and _not_ with wasted CPU cycles.
    This is not always true: as Ingo pointed out, more memory
    means more cache misses, and that costs CPU cycles as well.
    The sometimes the reductive function could be as simple as

    The advantage of a reductive function is that - if you have a suitable
    parameter - you can achieve parallel execution even without a memory
    structure (e.g. cache lookup's: instead of one fully associated
    cache with one lock you implement an array of 4(16,...)-way set
    associate caches with one lock for each cache)

    > My latest code is placed here. masp0008 feel free to give it a review.

    I've downloaded it yesterday, but I don't know when I'll have enough
    time for a review.


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