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    SubjectRe: gettimeofday non-monotonic on 2.2.7 SMP
    On Thu, 20 May 1999, dave madden wrote:

    >I also added some static variables that track the time returned by
    >do_gettimeofday, and if an earlier time is about to be returned, it

    There's no need of the xtime_lock while using set/usec.

    Instead of adding tricky debugging code into the kernel could you try to
    run again your userspace proggy and see if it continues to generate
    errors? Checking the retval of gettimeofday from userspace or from the
    kernel make no one difference. gettimeofday won't run in irq handlers if
    called from usersapce.

    Could you try if your old proggy (that looked strightforward to me)
    continue to complains or not with my recover-lost-ticks code applyed?


    Andrea Arcangeli

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