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    SubjectRe: Capabilities done right [diff against 2.3.1]

    > > > > You want to allow shellscripts with special powers?!?!?
    > > > I may want to _strip_ shellscripts of power.

    > > Ok, that's legitimate. In such case , we'll have to modify shell to
    > > understand something like --drop, so that beggining of shell would
    > > look like
    > >
    > > #!/bin/bash --drop NET_BIND_SERVICE
    > Great. Now the default shell is all-powerful.

    Linus asked how do shellscripts _drop_ power. For shellscripts run
    nightly from cron it is very good idea to drop some of their
    capabilities. So no, I do not want default shell suid0.

    But take a look at sperl, they obviously have suid0 interpretter, and
    if you wanted possibility for setuid shell scripts, making setuid
    version of bash (of course aware of situation - like sperl is) would
    be the way.

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