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    SubjectRe: Removable media bug
    Giuliano Pochini wrote:

    > >He has a faulty floppy drive, everyone else doesn't is the short
    > summary.
    > >The FDC has a "disk changed" detection line.
    > I was spaking about a SCSI magneto-optical drive, not a floppy disk.
    > Anyway... Have some of you a removable media to repeat the test I did
    > ??

    To Linux, a floppy is just a small removable disk, just like an MO
    drive is a (moderately) large removable disk.

    So if someone tells you that this problem can be caused by a a bad
    media changed signal, then you should interpret that in the context
    of your situation: your MO drive seems to have a bad media changed

    Wether that's firmware in the MO drive or a physical problem in the
    drive, I don't know....


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