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    SubjectRe: Observation and questions
    Gary Anderson wrote:
    > Well, we have (or had until recently) work being done on three different
    > kernel trees:
    > 2.0.37 (Thanks, Alan !)
    > 2.2.x (Up to 2.2.9 now ?)
    > and
    > 2.3.x
    > All at the same time, I think. (And this is just the 'mainline' kernel
    > trees.)
    > Now for the questions:
    > 1.) Was a final 2.0.37 ever released (Last I checked we were up to ac-12,
    > I think).
    No, 2.0.36 was the last `final' 2.0.xx kernel release. there should be a
    2.0.37 when it's various issues get sorted out.

    > 2.) For the time in the future when I want to go to the 2.2 kernel (It
    > seems, from reading this list, to have yet a few bugs^H^H^H^H....errrr
    > 'unresolved features') is there a "victims list" of things that need
    > to be replaced/removed/upgraded in order to go from 2.0.37 to the
    > latest 2.2.x kernel ??
    See the Documentation/Changes file in the 2.2.x source tree.

    That said, I was able to switch from 2.0.xx to 2.2.xx without breakage
    and without package upgrading on my Debian Linux 2.2 system. Debian has
    a faster development cycle than other Linux distros though, and there
    was work to prepare it for 2.2.x while still in the late
    kernels. YMMV.

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