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SubjectRe: CD-RW
On 16 May 1999, Pierfrancesco Caci wrote:

> >> Is there anyone who would be willing to write kernel support for CD-RW ?
> >> The CD-RW should be mountable just as any standard block device,
> >> and the standard file commands (cp,mv,rm, etc.) should work without any
> >> special program (other than the new kernel or module loaded).
> > All of that functionality already exists/works today.
> > Does it not work for you??
>I use to write my cd's by means of mkhybrid and cdrecord. This implies
>preparing a read-only image and then transferring it to a cd. Do you mean
>that exists other software that allows to write the image in r/w mode ?

Yes and no. Yes for Win95/NT, no for Linux. Adaptec DirectCD is
an example of packet writing using the UDF filesystem. Linux
support for UDF is not there yet...

Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

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