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    Subject[OFFTOPIC] Re: A challenge to linux

    Brian> Please tell me you all are going to go thru with this and
    Brian> bury them :)


    A curious piece of FUD --- 99.9% uptime for NT? When a news story
    is so littered with misrepresentations about what I know (2GB mem limit
    in Linux?) it really makes me suspect the rest.

    Was it only a year ago that Gates mentioned Linux in passing as posing
    no threat?

    What this new official public proclamation shows is how MS is stepping
    up their attack; we all now have a responsibility to avoid a stupid
    flame war. MS has the advantage of having no faces, only the
    boy-Gates grin icon, so whatever they say does not reflect on a real
    person. In contrast, what any of us might say will have a personality
    attached, a real person who will be thought to be responsible. Notice
    'they' talk about faceless Mindcraft, ZD &c, their article is not even
    signed, yet even for RedHat they specifically mention Bob --- it's
    subtle, but effective propaganda)

    I'd like to offer a caution. In Swahili, there are two words for
    propaganda. "Propaganda" means "What is bad about our opponent" and
    is meant to foster hate and FUD (you see this on the war news
    nightly); historically, this works very well to drum up instant
    emotional rage, but it fades with time and, like a junkie, must keep
    looking for new villians to feed its habit. The other word is
    "Qahare" (kwah-har'-ay) and means "What is great about us" and IMHO it
    is a safer yet more powerful media weapon.

    | _) Gary Lawrence Murphy <>
    __| __| | \ TeleDynamics Communications Inc
    | ( | \_/ ICQ#6023820
    \__|\___|_| Don't oppose forces. Use them. (RBF)

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