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SubjectRe: PATCH: rewritten bdflush -> hang
On Fri, May 14, 1999 at 06:54:46AM +0200, Kurt Garloff wrote:
> I got my SMP box hanging in processes writing to disk (one of which was rm),
> spending 200% CPU in system. Some processes were in D state.

Sorry to follow up myself.

I want to add, that it also occurs without having update started.
The processes hang in D state in down_failed. They are not killable.
I got a hard hang. SysRq works, though. The disk I bonnied had a lot of
wrongly allocated blocks, in spite of Syncing and Umounting.

I did not see anything like that with plain 2.2.8

Kurt Garloff <> SuSE GmbH, Nürnberg, FRG
Linux kernel development; SCSI driver: DC390 (tmscsim/AM53C974)
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