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SubjectRe: 2.2.8_andrea1.bz2
On Wed, 12 May 1999, Nicholas J. Leon wrote:

> # Since it's always been rock solid under any kind of load, now I would like
> # to start proposing most of my code for inclusion into 2.3.x ;).
>Lets make sure the SMP race fixes get put into 2.2.x. I have no desire (at
>this point) to run a development kernel on my box.

My i386-irq-SMP race fixes are been included starting from pre-2_2_8-1.
stock-2.2.8 is rock solid too (so go with it).

The only difference between my original patches and the current 2.2.8 code
is that Linus added a separate flag for differentiate the meaning of

My last version of my fix could cause a silent lockup in the unlikely case
a buggy driver would issue a disable_irq() on a irq happened in the middle
of irq probe (unlikely to happen but...).

Adding an extra bit allowed a cleaner/more-robust design (thanks to Linus ;).

Andrea Arcangeli

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